How to choose the right backpack for your child

back pack capacity in liters

It’s all about litres!

We recently consulted with several of our Bentley store managers to learn more about what matters to you when it comes to buying back-to-school accessories. They openly shared your most common questions, comments and reactions—and those of your children—concerning our products. Our takeaway was that your situations are different but shared and you deserve the best advice when it comes to school items, particularly backpack for your child.

The backpack is one of THE most important accessories for school. How else would your kids carry all their books, crayons, shoes and more?! All these items are just as important as your child’s health. A backpack should be adapted to their size and height to protect their posture and back from heavy loads.

Bentley has created backpacks using a litre capacity guideline that was developed according to physiotherapist recommendations. Today schools recommend backpacks based on litre capacity. These guidelines will help you select the right backpack for your child’s age and needs.

The litre guidelines are as follows:

15 L

backpack for child

A 15-L backpack is a great choice for your child, who only need to carry a few supplies to and from pre-k or school every day: crayons, colouring book, water bottle and other small items.

17 L

backpack for child and young kids

Backpacks with a capacity of 17 L are suitable for children who are developing their autonomy and need more room to carry books, a change of clothes—and anything else active school kids need!

23 L

puma backpack

A 23-L capacity backpack offers more space for the increasing needs and autonomy of young adolescents. More after-school activities like soccer practice, music rehearsals or art clubs also means lugging around additional equipment. A large backpack is a must!

31 L

backpack for your adult child

The 31-L capacity backpack is ideal for young adults as they go from home to university to work. There’s room for all their essentials, including a laptop, that big biology manual and a host of other items they need for juggling their hectic schedule. Everything becomes simpler with a backpack suited to their lifestyle.

To recap, here’s a list of our backpack choices by litre and recommended use:

15 L: Pre-K, kindergarten and primary school

17 L: End of primary, start of high school

23 L: End of high school, college, Cégep

31 L: Cégep, college and university

Drop by one of our stores for advice from our team of experts, which have been serving customers for over 40 years. We are a Canadian team who understands the personal and professional needs of Canadians, particularly when it comes to preparing for back to school.

Tell us how your children use their bag by posting a comment below or tagging us on Facebook and Instagram with #ShopBentley throughout the back-to-school period. We look forwarding to seeing pics of your kids sporting their new school equipment!

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