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Tips and tricks to make your kid’s summer a memorable one!

School’s out, summer’s here and the day camps are up and running! For the kids, day camp signals the start of the most exciting, enriching and action-packed part of the year. No doubt they can hardly wait to see their favourite camp counsellors, splash about in the pool and explore the outdoors with their pals.

Help your kids enjoy their day camp experience to the fullest by sending them off with the right equipment to carry everything they need. Below are seven must-have items that will prove just as useful for cottage getaways, camping, road trips and any other activity your child takes part in. We’ve also provided some smart tips. Let the fun times begin!

1- Water bottle

kif drinking soccer day camp

Hydration is key to health, which is why your child should always drink plenty of water at camp. Make sure ‘water bottle’ is at the top of your morning checklist. Engaged in a flurry of fun activities, they might forget to drink throughout the day. Keeping the water bottle handy will make quenching thirst a cinch.

2- Lunch bag

lunch bag eat at day camp kid

Packed with everything from veggies and fruit to surprise treats and granola bars, a lunch bag is another day camp essential. Nutritious foods and beverages will keep the young’uns running, hopping, skipping, laughing and smiling all day long.

Insulated lunch bags also keep drinks and snacks at just the right temperature so they can be enjoyed any time of day.

3- Drawstring bag

sports at day camp

Drawstring bags are particularly useful for carrying the items kids need for the day’s activities: running shoes, a beach towel, a raincoat and more. With all this gear packed into a drawstring bag, there’ll be more room in their backpack for fragile or heavier items.

4- Pencil case

kid drawing while rainy day

Rainy days are perfect for drawing, writing or doing crafts at day camp. Having coloured pencils and markers within easy reach gives kids the freedom to be creative and have fun all on their own, at any time.

5- Backpack of 16L or more

kid with 16 L backpack at day camp

Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bathing suit, change of clothes . . . With so many items to carry, your child will need a backpack with a capacity of at least 16 L.

Roomy enough to fit everything without being cumbersome, it’s also the perfect size for a laptop, electronic device or paper. The ideal bag will have a sleeve for this purpose, protecting valuables from leaks, spills or other potential disasters.

A backpack should also have padded, adjustable shoulder straps so that it can be used year after year as your child grows. A padded back, top handle and lightweight material are other good design qualities to consider.

6- Identification labels

In large day camp groups, it’s easy for your child to lose a thing or two (or three)! Lost-and-found tables are often stocked with backpacks, lunch bags, drawstring bags, hats and more. Labeling your child’s belongings with their name will make it easier to identify which items are theirs, should they get lost or misplaced throughout the day.

7- Containers

kids having a meal

Make sure you have the latest containers for packing your lunches: collapsible silicone ones. Besides being non-toxic, PBA-free, odourless, and freezer-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe, they can be collapsed to one third of their original size. That means more space in cupboards and in your child’s lunch bag once they’ve eaten the contents.

In sum, the seven essentials for a great day at camp are:

  • Water bottle
  • Drawstring bag for carrying sports accessories
  • Lunch bag with energy-boosting food
  • Pencil case for spontaneous bouts of drawing
  • Backpack to carry the day’s necessities
  • ID labels so as not to not lose a thing
  • Collapsible silicone containers for meals and snacks

What items do you equip your child with for day camp? Share by leaving a comment below or by tagging us with #ShopBentley on Facebook and Instagram.

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