6 back-to-school essentials to have this fall

back-to-school essentials to have this fall

Must-haves for the kids this fall.

Summer’s finally here: temperatures are hitting the high 20s, day camps are in full swing, cottage getaways and campsites are all booked . . . and soon enough, it’ll be time for back-to-school! Why not be ultra-prepared this year and get your kids everything they need in advance with back-to-school essentials?

Choosing the right supplies is important—as are each item’s design, comfort, size and features. Given that they’ll be put to the test for at least the entire school year, you’ll want quality products that won’t just travel well to and from school, but can also withstand a full range of afterschool activities.

With these six items checked off your list, your kids will be well-organized and set to kick off the year in style with those back-to-school essentials!

1- Backpack

back-to-school essentials

Hands down, the number-one school essential is the backpack. Litre capacity is the first thing you need to consider. In fact, it’s what the schools are increasingly recommending as the means of selecting a bag that will meet your child’s needs and grade. Be sure to read our backpack blog post to brush up on the latest trends.

What with today’s digital world, laptop backpacks have become just about imperative. Determine how important this type of backpack is for your child, since it might be needed sooner than you think.

2- Pencil case

back-to-school essentials

Pencils are wonderful little learning tools that children all too often lose! Thankfully, there are pencil cases to help them keep their writing and drawing implements together. There are many options to choose from: double compartment, zipper, glitter, multi-coloured or solid colour. Indeed, next to backpacks, a pencil case tops the list of school must-haves.

3- Lunch bag

back-to-school essentials to have as a kid

Nothing beats a healthy, nutritious lunch to provide the boost kids need to keep on learning. A lunch bag is your smartest and most practical option, since food can be kept warm or cool and protected from the elements.

Some lunch bags attach to the backpack for easy transport to and from school, while others have a shoulder strap or handle. Choosing a unique design and a pattern your child loves is a great way to make it stand out from the rest—and ensure that it makes it back home every day.

4- Drawstring bag

drawstring bags young adults adolescents

The drawstring bag is ideal, especially for kids who do afterschool activities and sports. Whether it’s for gym class, soccer practice or cheerleading, a sack pack will keep everything in one place. From schoolyard to home and everywhere in between, it will also keep kids from losing their precious items along the way!

5- Reusable water bottle

water bottle

Make sure ‘water bottle’ is on your morning checklist. Hydration is key to health, which is why your child should always drink plenty of water at school. Engaged in a flurry of classroom activities, they might forget to drink throughout the day. Keeping the water bottle handy will make quenching thirst a cinch.

6- Fanny pack

fanny pack back-to-school essentials

The fanny pack is a practical, lightweight solution that everyone ought to know about. The fact that it’s worn like a belt around the waist minimizes the chances of your child losing, misplacing or forgetting it. Plus it’s a great way to keep small items within easy reach. Some models even have insulated pockets to keep your EpiPens secure. 

To recap, the six must-have school supplies are:

  • Backpack
  • Pencil case
  • Lunch bag
  • Drawstring bag
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Fanny pack
Share your list of back-to-school essentials and show us how you cool your kids look in the comments below, or on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #ShopBentley!

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