Spring Break equals family vacation and happiness for some, but the planning can be stressful for some. Don’t panic! Bentley brought together the best travel essentials so that your family vacation, your couples getaway or your adventure with friends becomes unforgettable. Whether your method of transportation is by car, plane or train, organization becomes a priority. It is the key to a smooth trip!

1. These first essential accessories: These travel laundry bags

… Because mixing up clean and dirty laundry is never a good idea! Save yourself having to do 8 loads of laundry after you return from your trip. The solution is a set of laundry bags. They are practical, small and you can store them anywhere. They are also equipped with a drawstring closure that stops your clothes from falling out. Your washing machine will be forever grateful.

2. How about this: Cute reusable snack bags

For the environment-conscious folks out there, these practical snack bags are perfect for every lifestyle. They are small, efficient and are perfect for sandwiches, vegetables, fruits or nuts. They are also handy! Be ready to say goodbye to plastic and hello to eco-friendly innovation!

3. Another vacation fundamental: Toothbrush covers

We all know bacteria is sneaky and can spread fast while going under the radar, especially when we are visiting somewhere out of the ordinary. These caps provide you the best anti-bacterial protection, while being discreet. Several colors are available!

4. Securing your bagage: Luggage straps

Luggage straps are practical as ever. Their main purpose is to tighten up your luggage, especially if it’s too full. However, they help your luggage survive the tough airport environment – The weather, conveyor belts and manoeuvring fast. Luggage straps will give you a peace of mind as you check your baggage and they allow you to have a stress-free outing by preventing rips, cracks, scuffs and other potential damage. These products are available in many different colors that will surely revive your vacation fever!

5. Last but not the least: These pretty luggage ID tags

That classic but super-useful accessory on any trip. Wherever you go, the tag makes your luggage easily-noticeable on the carousel and it helps airport authorities contact you in the case of lost luggage. Be one step ahead in preparation for your vacation, all while reducing your stress and remaining stylish!

Bon voyage!