organize your backpack

5 tips & tricks to fit more in your backpack

You’ve got more space than you think!

This article is for those busy bodies running from the gym, to work, to school, to study sessions at the cafe, and to drinks with friends. Like your backpack, your life is full to the max and you don’t need to worry about fitting anything in or lugging around 50lbs worth of bag.
You need the peace of mind to know that your backpack can hold it all, it’s just a matter of knowing how to use the space efficiently. Bentley has put together some tricks of the trade in taking advantage of every nook and cranny. 
Here are 5 tricks to creating space in your backpack:

Laptop compartment

laptop backpack
Your laptop, in all it’s fragility, is naturally the object that usually takes up the most space in your bag. If your bag has one use it, it’s specially designed to keep your laptop away from other items in your bag that could possibly damage it. This compartment is also padded to protect it from any kind of shock or turbulence. Most brands have bags that provide this separation and you can find the best of them at Bentley like:

K&B Sport,

pack K&B Sport

Swiss Gear,

backpack Swiss Gear


backpack adidas


laptop backpack


business backpack


A plethora of pockets

Find yourself a bag that has lots of pockets, they help keep you organized and keep the things you need handy ready for the grab. A bag with exterior pockets for water bottles or coffee tumblers is especially handy to keep those liquids far away from your wallet, papers or electronics. The Tracker backpack is probably is one of the bags with the most interior and exterior pockets.
backpack with pockets

Articles of various shapes

Whether you’re carrying your indoor shoes or running shoes to use later at the gym, it’s not always a good idea to just shove them in your backpack with everything else. On top of squishing all your belongings and potentially stinking up your bag; it makes grabbing something quickly quite difficult. Instead, we suggest attaching them on the outside of your bag and if you must fit them inside, maybe put them in a packing pouch, like one of these from Tracker, to keep the odors and dirt away from everything else in your bag. packing pouches

Follow the form of your bag

It might seem silly, but trying to randomly stuff things in your bag might mess with its shape which is never good for the longevity of any bag. Instead, pack the larger items on the bottom and smaller items like pencil case or makeup bags at the top.
pencil casetoiletry bag

It’s all about placement

If you’ve got a lot to bring with you, it’s better to lay it all out and then strategically try to find the right space for each item. That way, you are sure to remember where everything is and finding the right home for it will keep whatever it is in better condition.

In the end, it’s just about making good use of what your bag already has to offer. Must therefore:


  • Think carefully about its storage;

  • Respect the shape of your backpack;

  • Store various shaped items in storage pockets

  • Use the pockets at your disposal

  • Use the section reserved for laptops


With so much variety to chose from, when it comes time for you to chose a new backpack make sure to take into account features that are important to you: space, pockets, compartments, technology, RFID protection. Whatever you need is out there and Bentley can help you find it.