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A weekend at the cottage, reinvented.


Driving up to the cottage is the quintessential Canadian experience. Little else compares to hitting the road after a tiring week filled with work and social engagements. Combining a love for the outdoors, a penchant for contemporary architecture and a deep sense of play, visionnaires have reinvented the cottage experience by building innovative spaces kitted out with all the modern amenities for everyday comfort. While some accommodations are inspired by the architectural wisdom of the First Nations or indigenous peoples, others simply offer an upgrade on the traditional log cabin. The best part? You can now experience a weekend at the cottage, but not really, by renting theses reimagined spaces. Here are just some of our favourites.



Stay in a YURT

Inspired by the semi-permanent homes of the indigenous peoples of Central and East Asia, yurts are sturdy structures with rigid floors and walls that include basic creature comforts. Insulated with real wool and boasting a gorgeous skylight so you can gaze at the sun, clouds and stars without stepping a foot outside, the yurt feels like an extension of your natural surroundings. Light a roaring fire and stay a while. INFO: Terra Perma, Herrington, QC, from $ 93.50 a night. Photos: Terra Perma


Stay at the ICE HOTEL

The only hotel in America made entirely of snow and ice, the Hôtel de Glace is an impressive accommodation that is as magical as it is unique. Since the room temperature stays between -3°C and -5°C, spending a night at the hotel requires a bit of planning: a three layer dressing technique is suggested and a mandatory training session is required upon arrival. Even though the hotel and its furniture are entirely made of ice and snow, guests sleep on a comfortable mattress and a cozy sleeping bag is provided. Psst… You will also have access to a Nordic area with hot tubs and sauna under the stars! INFO: Hôtel de Glace , Valcartier, QC, from $ 249 a night, per person. Photos: Hôtel de Glace


Spend the night among the trees: The Free Spirit Spheres are magical pumpkin-shaped dwellings kitted out with modern amenities and creative fixings. Three spherical accommodations are put to your disposal. Nestled in the branches of a cedar and maple tree grove, the spheres vary in size and modern comforts: You can choose the smaller Eve sphere which includes a small electric heater, duvet covered bed or go all out with the Melody and enjoy a skylight, a private electric composting outhouse and, of course, built-in speakers. Whatever your choice, enjoy a tranquil tree-house stay–and for some, a spiritual connection with nature. INFO: Free Spirit Spheres, Qualicum Beach, BC, from $ 175 a night. Photos: Free Spirit Spheres


Stay in a TEEPEE

Historically, the teepee, or tipi, was designed and largely used by indigenous peoples in the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies of North America. At Tipis de la Rivière Sauvage, this abode of lore is brought back to life: You can experience nature in all its glory, all year round, in the Eastern Townships. The wood teepees feature basic furnishing including two beds, chairs and a table; a cooking area is available outside. A once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget. INFO: Tipis de la Rivière Sauvage St-Romain, QC, from $ 98 a night. Photos: Tipis de la Rivière Sauvage


Stay in an IGLOO

We are willing to bet there is not one person out there who—as a kid—did not attempt to build an igloo. Good news is you can now live out your childhood dreams by renting out an Igloo for the night. Contrary to popular belief, these icy dwellings are actually quite cozy: Inside temperatures can easily reach 10 degrees. If the Ice Hotel is a bit too fancy for your taste and you crave a more authentic and rustic experience, this might just be the thing for you. INFO: Village Igloo, Sainte-Foy, QC,  pricing N/A



“Set within 29 acres of lush subtropical rainforest the Mineral Springs Resort offers a harmonious spa getaway or romantic escape from everyday stresses.” If that isn’t enough to sway you, photos of the cute chalets—with exclusive access to the healing mineral waters of Salt Spring Island—with ocean view just might do the trick. INFO: Mineral Springs Resort , Salt Spring Island, BC, from $ 399



Sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Located on the easterly point of 15 acre McKay Island, this rustic lighthouse is perched on the North Channel of Lake Huron so you can enjoy a panoramic view and watch the sun set and rise. The only housekeeping lighthouse in Ontario accessible by car, it is kid and pet friendly and boasts a flurry of nearby outdoor activities. An added bonus? Wi-Fi is also available on the premises. INFO: Bruce Bay Cottages, Bruce Mines, ON, from $ 115 a night. Photo: Bruce Bay Cottages. Photo: Bruce Bay Cottages