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Travel Tips #4 –TSA locks, RFID protection, eXoMesh… what does it all mean for your safety?

If you’ve booked that vacation you’ve been waiting for, it’s important not only to choose the right luggage for you, but it has to be safe and secure. Airport security is a little more thorough now, so it’s important to be fully-prepared for your trip by ensuring the safety of your belongings in your bag or suitcase. Being aware of the following will make you enjoy every minute of travel without having to think about your luggage.

TSA-approved Locks and Luggage – Looks good, but what is it?

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TSA stands for Travel Sentry® Approved. It is a globally-recognized security system used by several major lock and luggage companies around the world. Both Canadian and U.S. airport security bodies – the Transport Security Administration (TSA) and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) – now recognize these TSA-approved locks during their baggage screening process.

lockAirline check-in staff and security are trained to find the “red diamond” on baggage with integrated TSA locks, or simply on the locks themselves. In the event your baggage needs to be opened for inspection, authorities have special keys to open your locks, inspect your bag and re-lock, all without damaging your luggage.

A few examples of TSA-approved luggage are the Samsonite Freeform Hardside Collection or the Pearl River Collection by IT.

Stay safe with these Bentley top picks!

RFID “skimming”

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In the past, hackers and pickpockets have gained attention by “skimming” sensitive information from cards at a distance, such as your name, country of origin and even credit card numbers with a handheld RFID reader.

RFID-blocking wallets are insulated to protect you from electronic pickpocketing. Most credit cards come with embedded radio frequency identification chips and once activated, they can transmit sensitive information wirelessly. Therefore, anyone with an RFID reader could possibly activate the chips and acquire that information.

There are many RFID-blocking wallets, card holders and sleeves out there for the choosing.

Cue eXomesh® Technology, CarrySafe® Slashguard straps

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Bentley carries PacSafe products, which is a brand of travel equipment designed to put the focus on anti-theft features for a stress-free travel experience.

One of their anti-theft technologies is called eXomesh®: A wire that is discretely built into the panels of their bags and travel accessories to prevent the possibility of being slashed open. A good example is this PacSafe sling bag.

Another solution is the CarrySafe® slashguard straps on this PacSafe hip pack. It is the same idea as the built-in wire on the panels of the bags, but they are on the straps. This stops the possibility of thieves slashing the straps out of your hands or off your shoulder.

And there you have it! Another way to ensure a stress-free travel experience.

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