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Hardside or softside: Which luggage to go for?

An important choice you’ll live with for years!

Picking  the right luggage definitely requires some serious thought. Taking the time to properly assess, analyze and compare is important because good luggage will hopefully travel with you for years to come.
We travel for adventure, for business and relaxation down south and having the right suit case along with you is the key to a great trip so you need to match the purpose to the luggage.
Hard shell and soft shell luggage each have their own pros and cons. The size of your luggage also plays a heavy role in making the perfect travel companion. Finding the perfect combo can be a daunting task.
Here’s a guide to help guide you through the process and highlight the important features.

Fabric luggage is always great when you plan on bringing back some souvenirs. The extending capability and extra give you get allows you to squeeze a bit more into your bag. It’s strongest feature is its flexibility. It is easier to fit a softshell into an a tight space than it is a hard shell which has no give.
Another great feature are the exterior pockets. This added space to put flip flops or articles you might want handy is a definite convenience. With internal compartments as well, it’s the perfect bag for you if order and organization is important to you.
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On the downside, the soft shell does not protect sensitive belongings like bottles as well as a hard shell would against rough handling. It is important when packing fragile items in a soft shell, to put them in the middle of the suitcase and ensure they are properly padded.
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Another con to material luggage is the fact that they are not waterproof. Although it is rare, your belongings are not entirely protected from getting wet if your l;uggage has the misfortune of being tossed in a puddle. Fabric also tends to get dirty and can be hard to keep clean from salt, mud and grease. It also can absorb odors that can be difficult to remove.
The best part of this rigid exterior is the protection it offers. While it’s not as spacious as the softside it’s protection against the elements, rough handling, and theft.
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Another pro would be how light these suit cases tend to be. The materials used to make them are impressively light which is great especially if you are making a lot of stops along your travels.
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Hard shell luggage does not have the give or compartments that the soft shell provides. It basically has 2 main compartments so it is important to plan your packing meticulously to ensure you have the space.
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Given the fact that it’s exterior is rigid, storing it or squeezing it into certain spaces is not as easy as with material baggages.

Advantages and disadvantages

Here are the main points to remember:
Softside pros:
  • flexible;
  • easy to store;
  • extendable;
  • many compartments
Hardside pros:
  • secure;
  • solid;
  • easy to clean;
  • shock resistant


Softside cons:
  • does not protect from shock;
  • absorbs odors;
  • is not protected against stains, rips or discoloration;
  • hard to clean;
  • does not protect fragile items well
Hardside cons:
  • takes up a lot of space;
  • hard to store;
  • less interior space;
  • hardly any interior compartments

How to choose?

With all this info, how does one pick the right luggage? Highlight the features that are most important to you and see which one that best fits your needs. From there you have a variety of colours, styles and sizes to choose from and you can find them all on our site.