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What to pack in your luggage for a trip down south

10 items to tick off your list for a successful trip down south!

Planning to travel down south usually starts with the same series of events; you establish a budget, research your destination, pick a hotel, and purchase your tickets. When the countdown gets down to single digits it’s time to start preparing your bags.
When all your luggage is packed and boxes have been ticked, only then can you really start to relax. But in order to get to that sweet spot you need to be sure to have everything you need in your luggage for a trip down south.
The best way to go about it is to (of course) make a list; and to get you started, we’ve created a small checklist that you can alter any which way you see fit. Quick tip, get a second pair of eyes on your list always helps too!

Bathing suit

No vacation down south is even possible without a swimsuit. Whether you’re hitting the pool or married to the beach you’re going to need more than just one that’s for sure. Grab a few to ensure you always have a dry one ready and switch it up for some great social posts.

Dress light

While it’s always good to bring one long sleeve and one pant or trouser, the rest of your bag should be packed with summer items like skirts, shorts, tees and tanks. Try and bring clothes that breath like linen or cotton and some layering items for when it gets a little chilly.

Sun screen

 While most people wait till they get to their destination to grab some sunscreen, it might be more cost effective to bring some from home as hotel shops tend to be pricey. Make sure to grab an SPF that is appropriate for your skin type, the minimum SPF you should be bringing is 30 but to be extra safe it is recommended to do 50. Don’t forget to pack it in a ziplock to ensure it doesn’t leak onto your clothes. If you are thinking of just bringing a carry-on then small travel bottles might be a great alternative for you. Pack all your toiletries in some packing cubes to keep your stuff organized.


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This small and inexpensive item takes up no room in your suitcase and frees up tons of space in your hotel room. No more hanging wet clothes and bathing suits on the back of chairs, top of doors and on the balcony for all to see.
travel clothes line


You don’t want to take up too much room in your luggage with shoes, so try and keep it to one pair of sandals and one pair of wedges or casual shoes. Try and keep the colours neutral so they match with everything. You also don’t want to forget some flip flops for the beach, sauna or even to shower with.

An adaptor

As different cities have different outlet voltages it is important that you are aware of them and that you bring the appropriate adaptor to use any electronics in your hotel room. If you don’t, you run the risk of causing some serious damages to your gadget and the hotel outlet. Adaptors are really small and can be used over and over for all your future travels.

adaptor travel luggage

A hat

Always bring a hat of some sort to keep your head from the harmful UV rays. We often forget that the tops of our heads receive the most amount of sun and have no SPF protection like the rest of our bodies. So go ahead and pack that baseball cap or hat for times when you can’t stay in the shade.

A rain poncho

Despite the fact that we may expect sunny days for our entire trip, hotels can’t guarantee good weather. But there is no need to pack a cumbersome rain coat, Bentley has clear rain ponchos that can be packed in your carryon and that are one size fits all. No need to ruin your nice clothes on the way to the restaurant!

Bottle protector

When making our way back home from the south, it’s almost inevitable to bring back home a bottle or 2 (the max allowed per person at the duty free shop) of rhum, liqueur or wine. This often turns into a sport of trying to squeeze it into your suitcase or carryon which can lead to a mess. The leak-proof bottle protector from Tracker is eco friendly and padded so you can fly at ease.

bottle protector for luggagebottle protector

After burn

As much as you might protect yourself during the day, sometimes, despite our best efforts we might get burned by the sun. That’s why it is important to bring some after sun cream or gel with aloe vera. This will help your skin heal and regenerate some vitamins that help repair damaged skin. It’s always good to bring even just as a precaution, after all, nothing ruins a vacation like a bad sunburn

In summary to put in your luggage for a trip down south,

  • Swimsuits (several!)

  • Light clothes

  • Sunscreen (SPF 30, 50 or even 120)

  • A travel clothes line

  • Sandals

  • Adaptor

  • Hat

  • Waterproof poncho

  • Protective cases for bottles

  • After sun cream


We hope this list has helped kickstart your vaca prep and that you have safe travels filled with sun, fun and relaxation. And you, what do you bring during your trip down south? Share with us on our social media!