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Vegan leather : what it really means with Riona

A new vegan brand designed exclusively by Bentley

Going green is no longer seen as just a trending term; it has become a lifestyle choice. Whether it’s adopting more sustainable habits, being respectful of the environment, or reducing your ecological footprint,every little bit counts. Although there are many terms used to represent this movement it goes without saying they all mean the same thing; we need to get the planet back to a healthy place and here’s where Riona and vegan leather come in.

Riona is the newest brand to hit the market from Bentley. The collection houses bags, handbags and accessories that are exclusively sold in our stores. Riona’s primary focus is to create fashion pieces made entirely from vegan leather. Given the brand’s devotion to protecting the environment and the animals in it, Riona’s new collections are also PETA approved.

Here are a few questions and answers that depict how Riona has translated its passion for sustainability into everyday fashion pieces.

What exactly is vegan leather?

The term vegan is often associated with the term “vegetarian”. While the latter refers to a person’s dietary choices, in our case, vegan is attributed to items produced using non-animal derived components. In other words, vegan leather is the complete opposite of animal leather, which has been predominantly used in the industry for ages. At Riona we believe that quality, fashion and trend do not have to come at the expense of animals or the environment.

Is polyurethane, as durable as real leather?

Riona uses Polyurethane, the main material that makes up vegan leather; to create their iconic pieces including bags, handbags and accessories. Polyurethane, commonly known as “PU”, is very resistant to heat, sun and humidity unlike animal leather. Vegan leather also has polyester, which makes it particularly resistant and unique. Synthetic leather does not fade and resists UV rays, making it perfect for storage over long periods of time.

Does the quality match the price?

The virtues of vegan leather are not only environmental; they bring their share of benefits such as sustainability both in production and in its long-term use. What makes vegan leather products particularly appealing is that they are much cheaper than real leather products but are just as aesthetically pleasing, trendy and useful. More often than not, it’s hard to determine real leather from vegan leather!

Is Riona PETA approved?

YES!  But what exactly is PETA? PETA is an organization that represents the “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”. In other words, they define themselves as “the largest animal rights organization in the world, with over 9 million members and supporters worldwide.” It is therefore one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the world and they have officially endorsed Riona as being animal friendly. To learn more about the organization, visit

Why choose Riona?

Not only are all our collections made from environmentally sustainable biodegradable polyurethane but the interior of each bag is made using 10 recycled plastic bottles per bag. If you want to take a step towards a greener future and look good doing it, Riona is the perfect brand for you!

It can never be said enough, but every small step leads to a healthier planet. Be part of the movement and join Riona in making a difference.

We look forward to seeing you stroll through the city streets with your new vegan leather bag from Riona. Feel free to send us your best shots by sharing #ShopBentley on Instagram and Facebook!

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