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Travel tip # 1 : Stay fit when you travel (or do yoga) with resistance bands

Building and maintaining a workout routine, whether you’re starting out or starting again, can seem a bit daunting. So when you actually get the hang of it, a vacation can disrupt your flow and kill your motivation. Although you might stuff your sneakers and some exercise clothes in your luggage “just in case” you find a gym or a good running route, you might waver in your resolve. Add airplane food to the mix, jet lag and a hectic schedule and you’re back to square one.

Introducing resistance bands — our newest travel and life essential. Resistance bands are a cheap way to exercise, you can use them for a full body workout (they offer tension between 15 and 200 lb!) and they don’t take any packing capital — just slip them in your carry-on and you’re ready to go. Best of all, you can re-use them when you get home, when you hit the gym as well as in your yoga practice.

We stumbled on the Live Fit Girls blog and fell in love with the simple videos featuring resistance bands.

And for the yoga afficionado, elsewhere in the virtual sphere…