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The top 5 tech gadgets needed to work from home

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While no one could have predicted that we would still be working from home a year later, it seems like this reality will continue for some time at least. Are your telecommuting tech gadgets a little outdated? Hadn’t planned on using your old mouse and headphones for so long? It’s time for a refresh and a 2021 update.

In addition to rejuvenating your work utilities, tech accessories have the ability to make your life a whole lot easier. They help keep your stuff streamlined and organized so you can concentrate on being as productive as possible.

Among the array of technological novelties, we have collected the top 5 tech accessories to have in your telecommuting arsenal.

5- USB key

This little tech tool does a lot of things, from the most important to the most mundane. First of all, it allows you to have a complete copy of the contents of your computer, in case it gives out on you. The USB key also allows you to carry important digital documents when you are commuting so you don’t have to carry around tons of papers and files.

tech gadgets work usb key
Blackbook USB key

4- Wireless charger

The days of wire chargers are over; it’s time to go wireless!  Carry it with you and charge up anywhere you go. Recharge your phone or laptop with speed and ease simply bu putting your phone on the charge and presto, you’re done!

wireless charger for phone
Wireless charger

3- Wireless mouse

A point that bears repeating; the time for wire tech accessories is behind us. The wireless mouse has been around for a while now, but is gaining a lot of popularity lately thanks to its telecommuting versatility. The wireless mouse activates and connects quickly for easy and smooth gliding. The freedom of a wireless mouse will never make you want to be tethered to your computer again.

wireless mouse blackbook
Wireless mouse

2- Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones let you talk on the phone, socialize on Zoom, and listen to the latest podcast of your favorite show in complete privacy. Wireless headphones provide the freedom that lets you get mobile and away from any device you connect to so you can be active and multitask to your hearts content.

wireless heaphones
Wireless earbuds

1- Tech accessories case

In order to keep all those tech devices safe, a case is a must have so you don’t lose track of anything. The case is as important as the devices themselves, without it, your USB key, your wireless mouse, your wireless headphones and your wireless charger will end up at the mercy of your organizational skills and memory (forgetfulness usually being  the culprit!).

With these tech accessories, you are sure to always be connected without being tied to your electronic devices. This gives you the mobility and independence you need so that you can telecommute in the most productive way. Are you in need of a tech upgrade? Comment on this blog post or join the conversation on our social media.

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