The travel accessories you need

Planning your next trip? You may have your favourite luggage and travel bags, but no trip’s complete without the right accessories. Travel safer and easier with all your travel essentials conveniently located in one place. Take a peek into our favourite travel accessories.

Packing cubes & pouches

Dread packing? Worry no more. Organizing your luggage has never been so easy. This all-in-one kit keeps your travel essentials organized and secure. With cubes in 3 different sizes, you can easily separate your clothing based on size. Store your laundry and shoes inside the pouches throughout your travel journey.

TSA lock

Keep all your belongings safe as you move from place to place, ensuring you end your travels with peace of mind. Never worry again about your luggage being broken into with a TSA lock.

Money belt

Conceal your money with a safer option over the conventional wallet or handbag. A money belt allows you to transport all your travel items hand-free. With RFID technology, this blocks unauthorized reads of your personal information stored on microchips. Adjust the money belt to ensure optimal comfort on your waist.

Bottle protector

A lightweight and leak-proof bottle protector to transport your liquids while travelling. This bottle protector absorbs most impact and has a protective padding composed of two layers of bubble wrap.

Digital luggage scale

No more repacking at check-in or pesky excess baggage fees. With this digital luggage scale, you can always be sure that the weight of your luggage is under the maximum allowance.

Portable power bank

Tired of losing battery while travelling? With this portable power bank, you can make sure all your devices are charged throughout your travels. Stay put or on the move with the ability to charge up to 4 devices at once.

Travel adapter

No matter where you’re heading, keep your gadgets charged and stay connected throughout North America and Europe. With its compact design, this adapter is perfect for travelling.

Neck pillow

Cabeau’s memory foam Evolution Pillow has a patented ergonomic design and incorporates unique features, including 360° head and chin support. This incredibly comfortable travel pillow puts an end to stiff necks, bobbing heads, and cramped uncomfortable sleeping positions. Wake up feeling fresh on the plane, train or in the car.

ID tags

Plan ahead! With these colourful luggage tags, you’ll be easily traceable if the event that your luggage gets lost.

Document holder

Keep your documents together and protected at all times. This document holder will help keep you organized and make sure you never lose any important documents again.