The eco-friendly way to shop

There’s nothing we love more than reusable bags. They’re attractive, durable, practical and are the perfect companion on our daily adventures. Reusable bags and shopping carts are also great alternatives to plastic shopping bags and at Bentley, you can find a wide assortment for your day-to-day lifestyle. We want to help encourage you to live a life with less plastic.


By having reusable bags made of different materials other than plastic, it significantly reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfills and oceans, providing a positive impact on our environment. It also creates less toxicity in our homes. When using plastic bags, there are microplastic particles that easily end up in our produce, which we unfortunately then ingest. Our reusable bags also help keep your food fresh. Plastic bags can suffocate your food and seep in toxins. Reusable bags made of cotton, nylon or mesh can help food breath and last longer.

Tracker – 100% Recycled Bottle Bag

This recycled bottle bag is made from 5 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and is transformed into a super eco-friendly durable nylon bag. It’s lightweight, foldable, slim and machine washable. As such, it can easily be stored just about anywhere! It’s particularly useful for groceries, shopping or just an extra bag to bring what you need on your adventures. 

Tracker - Cotton Foldable Bag

Made of 100% cotton, a biodegradable material, this bag is strong and durable. It’s soft to the touch, making it nice to handle and use. It comes in its own foldable pouch, so it can easily be packed away and fit anywhere. You can have a reusable bag wherever you go. Plus, it’s lightweight, practical and machine washable. Available in various prints.

Tracker – Vista Thermal Shopping Tote

This super practical tote has cotton twill handles and holds a capacity of 10kgs (22 pounds), so you can be sure to fit everything. With a front zippered pocket, you can store quick-access smaller items, like a cell phone or cards. The eco-friendly thermal lining keeps items protected and cool.  This tote can be used for shopping, a day at the beach, picnics and travelling. The back trolley sleeve adjusts onto luggage, making it easy to travel with multiple pieces of luggage. 

Tracker – Vista Tri-Wheel Shopping Cart

You will love the convenience of Bentley’s folding shopping carts. Combining functionality with fashion, these chic-looking shopping carts have 3 rolling wheels to easily navigate steep stairs, move on curbs or uneven paths. It’s a great option for all ages as it is easy to use and can support heavy loads of up to 25 kgs (55 pounds). You will also find a small back zippered pocket to keep your smaller items secure, such as a cell phone or credit cards. Made of a durable polyester material, the thermal insulated back zipper pocket keeps your products cool. The metal frame is fully foldable and can easily be stored away when not in use.  Since the bag is removable, it can also be used as a dolly, which adds to this product’s versatility. 

Using eco-friendly bags is the smartest move you can make to reduce the impact of plastic bags on the environment. The best part about it all is that being eco-conscious doesn’t have to cost us much. 

In this collection, we offer a variety of products that cater to your everyday on-the-go needs.