NEW Back-to-School Backpacks for Every Age

At bentley, we catalyze youth to follow their passion for imagination and gear up for learning that happens in the classroom, setting the foundation for a bright future. Our 

backpacks are tools that help kids become the leaders of tomorrow. They encourage packing more reads for absorbing. They keep doodles and ideas-in-progress safe. They house tech that enables instant connection to friends, family and the community.

The back-to-school season is around the corner and closer than you may think. It’s never too soon to get prepared and make sure your kids are equipped with the right backpack to get started on learning. This year, we have updated designs, new styles, old favourites and so much more. We’ll help you find just what you’re looking for to help your children move forward inside and outside the classroom, no matter the age group.

Backpacks for Kids

Now’s the time to get your children school-ready with our Tracker Mega Value collection, featuring backpacks with matching pencil cases. Help guide your kids to take the next step and get excited for all the learning opportunities that await. With this collection available in six different prints, you’ll find a design your child is bound to love. At a 24L capacity, including a front zippered pocket and side mesh pocket, it has just enough room to store all they need to carry (even those last minute items). The matching pencil case is ideal to place inside their learning haven with all their must-have school supplies. They’ll be ready to go and get learning in no time!

In search of a backpack for your little one, who’s an avid sports lover? Look no further because the Sport Camo Backpack was meant for your child. Combining their hobbies and desire to learn, this is the choice built for them.  Even better, you can find the pencil case on our website from the same collection to match with it. With small and large front zippered pockets, adding in those last minute items is a breeze, making heading back to school that much easier. This backpack has a capacity of 23L to carry all your child needs for their day at school. As an added bonus: this backpack comes with a pizza key chain. On your mark, get set…time to learn!

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Backpacks for Teenagers

Does your teen want something new and different this school year? We’ve got it! Our latest from Tracker is the Vertical Backpack. A fresh design that’s sure to make your teenager stand out in the halls and look forward to their days at school. With 20L of capacity, it’s built to store absolutely everything they may need for their school day. With two zippered compartments, they won’t be searching for any extra space. Additionally, there’s a built in 15” laptop sleeve to carry their tech. Available in three colours, they’ll definitely find a colour they like to make a statement at school and be motivated for class.

With it’s pineapple print, this Gold Pineapple Backpack is surely one of a kind! Bring the tropics into the classroom every day at school and be excited about it. With a golden design, this backpack is definitely going to be one your teen will adore. They’ll be ecstatic to get to school and start their day, making learning that much more exciting. With a front zippered pocket and internal 14” laptop sleeve, they’ll have space for their tech, gadgets and all their school necessities. With a backpack like this, they’ll look as cool as can be, without the price tag. What’s even better is that they’ll be looking forward to their days at school.

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Backpacks for Young Adults

The Portland Mini Backpack is just the choice for young adults heading to college or university for a couple classes each day. With a 15L capacity, it’s little in size, but large in functionality, perfect for tackling a day in the classroom. It’s got a great mix of pockets of all shapes and sizes. From a front flap pocket with two clips (making it easy to cover and access) for your daily essentials, to a side mesh pocket and roomy main compartment, all you’ll have to do is pack it up! We’re here to help shape today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders. Their future awaits.

For those who are looking for a large capacity backpack to go from work to school or vice versa, at a 35L capacity, the Tracker Deluxe Backpack is the choice for him or her. For those with a busy lifestyle, this backpack is just the right choice. A staple backpack like this from Tracker is packed with three main compartments, featuring one in the back for safety and a top-loading zipper opening for quick-access items. You’ll also have additional zippered compartments and pockets, plus two side mesh pockets. Whether at work or school, the more learnings, the better. Learning only makes us stronger!

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This is just a snippet of our wide variety of backpacks to help shape our leaders of tomorrow. We’re so excited to offer you so much of a product selection and are here to help every step of the way, as you prepare to head back to school!