Back to school
Back to school

How to make going back to school exciting

This thing we call back-to-school can be a whirlwind of emotions, but we would like to stress the importance of one in particular: excitement.

It doesn’t have to be hectic or chaotic – Starting classes again can be a very positive experience for your child and here is how to make Back to School special!

Shopping is fun, you know!

Make it fun. The kids should be excited for new school supplies and thus, excited for the new school year to start.

It should be something your kids look forward to! This is your chance to get the fresh and trendy items that are in style now!

Clothes, clothes and more clothes

A new outfit will surely add some positive emotion to the whole back-to-school process for you and your child.

Leading up to the first day of school, whether it’s the VERY first or not, a new outfit will do the trick. Don’t forget to match it with the backpack or school supplies.

Making a study space

Not so exciting during, but after the fact, when your child has a clean room, there will be space for all the newness he or she has this school year.

Do it early – This will start preparing them mentally for back to school. And of course, let them choose where they want their desk and all their items. That will add a little enthusiasm to their study routine.

Family working on school project at home
Family working on school project at home


Buy some fun new accessories or decorations for your child’s study space. Boys and girls of all ages will have a reason to look forward to using their desk for homework or studying.

The lunches

Making their lunch is one thing, but asking them what they want is important too (healthy, of course!). Make it an activity for all of you to make lunches together.

Side tip: Go shopping with them, let them choose, then let them taste! It’s a good way to get them involved (and excited!) in the whole process. Don’t forget to find the perfect lunch bag.

Back-to-school party

A party is synonymous with excitement. Let’s say the weekend before school starts, host a School Year’s Eve party for your child and his or her friends… Just like a birthday party! Get them in the celebrating mood when it comes to the school year.

The first day

Pump up your child for the first day photo. They’ll likely get their picture taken at the beginning of each school year, but taking your own picture of your child on their first day of school is a good way to add some enthusiasm to the day.

Remember to put the photos of each year all together in an album so that you can look back at all of them when your child grows up.

First day of school
First day of school

Little surprises?

Surprises are fun. A great idea to create excitement on their first day of school is tying balloons to their breakfast chairs so that when they wake up and come to the kitchen for breakfast, it’ll put a smile on their face. Make them feel special and show them you’re proud of them.

A special breakfast

Don’t just make an ordinary breakfast on the first day of school. Switch it up a bit and make your child’s favourite meal on their first day of school.

This back-to-school season, we ask just one thing: Get excited!