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Luggage or travel bag? 4 steps to help you choose

A small decision with a big impact.

Whether you are heading to a romantic getaway, a road trip with friends, a business trip, an all-inclusive vaca or a month-long trek around Europe; the type of bag you chose can make or break your trip.
There are so many factors involved when picking luggage over a travel bag or vice versa like size, rigidity, spaciousness, give and how it’s stored. That’s why it’s important to start by determining what you need and finding the bag that can fulfill your list of must-haves.
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Once you are in the store or if you are shopping online; it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choice. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before making that exciting trip to purchase. 

What is your budget?

It’s important to know right off the bat what is in your realm of options so you can eliminate what doesn’t suit your budget. While prices run the gamut in luggage and travel bags, Luggage tends to run a bit pricier than travel bags.

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What kind of trips are you taking?

Do you generally travel for extended periods of time or do you tend to travel often but for shorter durations? If you travel more often by train, bus or car; a travel bag might be better suited for you. They are easier to carry around with a shoulder strap or handheld, and they have an easier time squeezing in and out of smaller spaces.
luggage or travel bag

Which features are right for you?

Each has their own advantages that might suit your needs better. Here’s a quick list of their most notable differences.
  • Soft or hardshell, luggage offers better protection for fragile items.
  • Compression straps ensure your belongings stay in place.
  • Suitcases often have interior pockets that help keep everything organized.
  • Most luggage have wheels so you don’t need to strain yourself carrying it.
Valise ou sac de voyage: quoi choisir?
Travel bags


  • These bags are lighter and easier to store under seats or in bulkheads while traveling around.
  • Travel bags are easily stored in a closet or under your bed when not in use.
  • They are very spacious and allow for you to fit a great amount of things (make sure you don’t pack more than you need!).
  • The shoulder strap and handheld options make it easy to manipulate and carry around.
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What disadvantages will affect your decision?

Both bags have their pros but they also have some cons that might sway your selection.
  • Hard to manipulate. If you were on a train for example it would be more difficult to store it and carry it around. 
  • Luggage tends to be heavier than travel bags.
  • Hard to store when not in use if you have limited 
  • Relatively hard to clean if something were to spill inside.
luggage or travel bag
Travel bag: 
  • Travel bags tend to get dirty easily as they are often made of fabric that can collect dirt and dust. 
  • These bags do not have internal compartments to help organize your stuff.
  • They do not have wheels so if you’ve got a long trek ahead of you, your arms and hands might get tired.
luggage or travel bag

We hope these 4 questions might help get the ball rolling in terms of helping you make a more informed decision. Let us know if this article was helpful to you!