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How to change the combination of your TSA lock in 4 steps

tsa padlock

4 easy steps to protect the contents of your luggage while traveling; all explained in this dynamic video specially designed for you!

Integrated TSA Lock against pickpockets

Whether traveling by plain, train or bus, theft is always a risk. Regardless of how much you plan for a relaxing or adventurous vacation, having your bags tampered with will put a damper on the experience.

Putting a small lock on your luggage allows for that piece of mind when you nestle your luggage on the conveyor belt and send it off to who knows where. You can purchase a lock separately or you can get luggage with an integrated lock, either one prevents anyone from ruffling through your personal belongings.

Why is it so important to have a TSA lock?

If your luggage allows you to install a separate lock, it’s important to get one that is TSA approved. This allows airport security to safely open your lock when required, verify what they need, and replace the lock without damaging it. The same goes for integrated locks as they are usually TSA approved.

Whether you bought a new luggage or an external TSA lock, you are going to have to program it when you bring it home which is usually a simple process; there are 4 easy steps to reprogram your TSA lock: 

What are the steps to change the code of your TSA lock?

Step #1: Set the combination to 0-0-0 (if the luggage is new) or to its actual combination.

How to change your TSA lock combination

When you take possession of a luggage that has a TSA lock, the first step consists to put the numbers to 0-0-0 or to its actual combination in order to insure it is ready to be reprogrammed.

Step #2: Press the reset button on your TSA lock​.

How to change your TSA lock combination

On every TSA lock there is a reset button hidden inside a tiny hole in the back or bottom of the lock. Find a pointy object like a paperclip or safety pin and push the button until you hear the lock release.

Step #3: Select a new combination for your TSA lock​.

3rd step to change your combination

It is now time to set a new combination. Select a number that is easy to remember and maybe even jot it down so you don’t forget. Turn the dials to the desired numbers.

Step #4: Snap the padlock​.

Last step to change your combination

Once the dials are turned to your personal combination, turn the TSA knob in the direction of the arrow on the padlock window. You will hear a click from the reset button, which means your combination is now installed.

Even though every luggage has its own TSA lock model, rest assured that the methods for changing the combination are always the same. You are now ready to take your next voyage knowing your items are safely in your hands (and maybe those of airport security).

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