The Holiday Gift Guide for Him and Her

The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s time to prepare your Christmas shopping list.

Going to shopping malls is always a challenge: the parking lots are full, there’s a zoo of people, the employees are always busy, the lines in front of the cash are never ending, etc. It’s chaos!

We prepared some gift ideas for him, for her and for the kids to make shopping for your loved ones even easier. You won’t even have to move an inch to get the gifts, because they are all available online!


We know it’s not always easy to find the perfect gifts for him, which is why we prepared a list that will definitely fit the personality of the man you are shopping for.


We also know that finding a gift for her is not always a piece of cake. There’s a lot of pressure to find exactly what she is looking for. These are the best foolproof ideas we’ve come up with to ensure you find the perfect gift for her.

For Him

The environmentalist

Our Tracker Save Our Seas collection is the ideal gift for the environmentalists in your life. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the luggage set, backpack, waist bag and tote can be a very useful gift that’ll definitely be appreciated by the special someone in your life.


The adventurer

He is active, constantly busy, jet setting on countless business and family trips, but cannot physically carry numerous bags for every task he has to do. Have no fear, the Solo Convertible Backpack/Duffle is exactly what he needs. Lightweight, versatile, practical, and multipurpose, this convertible bag is perfect for anywhere and everywhere he goes. 


The fitness lover

For the man who’s been using the same gym bag for 10 years, it’s time to change it up! It’s too late to eliminate odours, moisture and dirt that’s built up in his gym bag – this is why he needs a new one! The Puma sports bag has everything he needs to be practical and efficient when hitting the gym

The intellectual

An adjustable messenger Cargo bag is what the intellectual in your life needs to carry his books, papers and electronics safely. Light and spacious, he can insert all he needs to ensure he always has something to read.


The hard worker

For the hardworking man, the one who’s always working overtime, the one who gives 110% to everything he does: he deserves the best of the best when it comes to a backpack. He needs one that can keep up to his lifestyle. Robust and spacious, the Solo backpack offers multiple compartments to keep you organized at all times. The adjustable padded shoulder straps will keep you comfortable at all times, wherever you may go.

The item everyone will love

For those who carry around their old wallet for years at a time and have yet to get around to buying a new one, this is the gift for them. Simple and well compartmentalized, this Pelle leather wallet is one he will not refuse. It’s a fan favourite that will definitely please the man in your life, every time. 


For Her

The winter lover

When it comes to the combination of hats, scarves and gloves, women can never have enough! Here are 3 ideas that will definitely complement her winter look.

The Traveler

A matching 3-piece set of luggage is always a hit. Whether it’s softside or hardside, we offer a variety of choices and colours that she will love. A luggage set will ensure all her items remain protected during her travels, all while being on trend. If you can’t travel with her, rest assured that her personal belongings will always be safe. Our Tracker Expedition III collection is available in 3 perfect sizes: 21”, 25” and 28”.

The dreamer

Some people have so much going on that their mind tends to scatter. However, when travelling, it’s important to always be alert. Make sure she remains organized throughout her journey with the help of a RFID-blocking travel envelope.

The forward thinker

 For the mothers who carry everything needed for any and every situation, and can always rely on everything in their handbag, the Tracker Anti-Theft collection is exactly what they need. Spacious, practical and safe, they can count on these bags to carry all their daily essentials.

The fashionista

Want to give her a handbag that stands out from the crowd? How do you know it’s the right one? We have the answer for you! Go with a Mia & Luca Crocodile Handbag that can be used for special occasions and works great with any on-trend outfit.

For more gift ideas, visit the new section of our website which suggests even more gift ideas for him and her. Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!