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All the things we love about Fall

You may be a little bummed that summer is over, but no sweat – there is plenty to be excited about as we approach Halloween! Here are just a few things we are looking forward to:

The Fall Colours

It comes up every year at this time, but it never gets old! Head up to Mont Tremblant in the Laurentians and hop on the gondola at the north end of the village for a spectacular view of hillsides of red, orange and yellow trees. On that note, your outdoor workouts are always a little easier in colder weather.

Sweaters, scarves and warm clothes

Everyone loves to wrap themselves up in all sorts of Fall fashion accessories: scarves, blankets, gloves, socks and more. Our favourite: this blanket scarf that will keep you warm this Fall!

The excitement of Halloween

At this point, you may have lots of leftovers from the long weekend feast – So go ahead and enjoy it! Or maybe you’re already thinking of what candy you will buy for the end of the month… Hint, hint: We will talk more about that in an upcoming blog post 🙂 .

Of course, you can make fun, colourful and spooky desserts, but there are other fun ways out there to have fun with Halloween food! A simple crackers and cheese can sport Halloween colours and there are many, many different ways to prepare your pumpkin seeds for a quick snack.

That first fire of the Fall season

Out with the air conditioning, in with the fireplace. The first one of the Fall season always feels the best. And your morning coffee starts to feel all that more comforting when the weather gets a little more brisk.

For the sports fans out there!

Finally, for all you sports fans out there, the Canadian Football League is nearing playoffs and the National Football League season is in full flight!

Q: What are you most excited about this Fall?