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3 chains for masks made in Montreal to discover

Let’s support our local commerce and businesses this holiday season!

Covid has taken a toll on us all and local businesses have been no exception. No matter where you are from, whether it be the east or west of Canada, you have surely witnessed some changes to local businesses around you. That is why it is more important now than ever to invest in these companies and help them make it through these difficult times.


What better month to show your support than during the holiday shopping season? Did you know Bentley is a Canadian company? We were founded in 1987 in Newfoundland, and our offices today are situated in Montreal. We are proud to carry many local Candian brands with an array of products that will surely be well received this holiday season.


No need to procrastinate going to stores and waiting in those lengthy lines at the cash or rubbing elbows with other frantic shoppers. This year, especially, why not stay in and shop online from the comfort and safety of your own home?


So grab a cup of coffee and get comfy on the couch, we’ve rounded up 3 amazing local products we think you’ll be excited to give and get this holiday season with the click of a mouse.


Chains for masks made in Montreal

L’Atelier SYP


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L’Atelier SYP is a store based in Montreal that makes beautifully crafted chains that come in many materials to choose from like gold or microsuede.
3 choices available:

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This Figaro style chain is hypoallergenic with no nickel and no lead.
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Chains for masks Chains for masks 
It is a 3-in-1 that can be worn as a necklace, a mask holder or glasses holder. Probably one of the most solid chains you’ll find on the market at a price that makes sense. This model is available in 2 styles: gold plated or stainless steel.
Maybe a bit more comfortable for some, the delicate microsuede chains are just as fashionable as their metal counterparts. Available in tan and black with either acrylic pearls or stainless steel accent beading.
Chains for masksChains for masks

Chains for masks

Atelier SYP wanted to make all their mask chains hypoallergenic to ensure they can be worn by all!

Kids chain for masks (coming soon!)

Children are more likely to lose their masks in the school hallways, on the bus or in the yard. Atelier SYP wanted to try and make it easy for them to keep their maks handy and make them easy to access. Enter kids chains!

mask chain for kids

Making chains kid safe (and friendly) was also top priority so they created chains with magnets at the back of the neck that would allow the chain to detach if pulled on. These chains come adorned with little blue or pink hearts for a personalised touch.
You are now ready to support a Candian company during this trying pandemic. By buying your gifts from local brands you are not only bringing joy to your friends and family but you are also providing well needed support on a broader spectrum.
It is by banding together we will come out of this difficult period successfully and safely; so when you’re looking for gifts this holiday season, show fellow Canadian businesses some support and think local. Happy shopping everyone!