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Be at the top of your BTS game this year

The Back to School season is fun! To stay on top of the game this year, you need to be aware of the new trends and looks that are taking the forefront of the school styles.



The 90’s is making a comeback

You probably know of the brand Champion and of course Adidas Originals. These two lines are making a statement this year and have re-worked their styles to showcase logo-heavy designs with a streetwear and urban look. It’s time to turn back the clock and feel the old school vibes you had in the 90s!


Vintage is cool again

Vintage will always be cool. Patches, leather straps and other classic details are back “in.” Not only that, but the collections have trickled down to our kids selection of products. Once again, it’s throwback time!


For the ‘Athleisure’ in you

Sports don’t always have to be too hard on you. That’s why the casual athletic looks we have are here to stay in style for a long time. They are made to show athletic does not only suit a trip to the gym – You can wear it virtually anywhere and your style will be noticed. Our Y-Sport collection is a great example of a hybrid between functionality and performance, which are key factors in shopping for a bag that can be used in just about any circumstance.


Diversity Rules

We live in a diverse, relative world with many, many different looks that are much more accepted nowadays. Thus, why blend in the crowd when you can stand out of the crowd? Express yourself and show off your personality this back to school season. Customization and personalization are prominent factors when it comes to today’s youth. Tracker’s two-sided backpack is the perfect example of that trend.


Pastels & Such

In addition to vintage and old-school looks, soft colours are very popular this year. Blush pink, lilac, ultraviolet, colours like that are the go-to options of 2018.

The Classic Camo

This one goes back a long time and it’s one of those prints that just won’t go away… And for good reason! Camouflage remains a strong option again this year and we’ve revamped our shapes and textures. This style inspires us to go on new adventures and explorations. Notable brands are Puma, Jansport and DC Shoes.


What’s your favourite Back to School style?