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Travel Tips #6 – How to get through airport screening smoothly

[sta_anchor id=”top” unsan=”Top” /]Going through security like a champ simply feels good.

Because there is nothing like getting held up and missing a flight for an avoidable reason.
The only reason to become a veteran is repetition. But this guide can accelerate the process.

  • Remove your belt or wear one with a plastic buckle (no metal)
  • Often times, passengers are required to remove their boots or larger shoes at security. You can remove these in advance to save time, or wear slip-ons to speed up the process.

Or, the contrary – Wear boots that slip on and off easily to take up less packing space.

  • Travel-sized products or bottles ensure you don’t surpass the carry-on liquids or gel restrictions. Please verify the CATSA restrictions on liquids, non-solid food and personal items.


  • This one is interesting. There are actually studies and theories about humans subconsciously going straight or to the right when entering buildings. When you have the choice, go to the left at security.
  • Take your jacket off or stow it in your bag if possible. Don’t be stuck removing it while you’re trying to hand the TSA officer your boarding pass or multitask.
  • Remove laptop or devices they may need to screen. Also, the more electronics you want to carry onboard the aircraft, the longer it will take to get through security. Only bring the devices you will need at the airport or on the airplane and pack the rest in your checked luggage.
  • Keep jewelry, belts, cell phones, wallets or other valuables in your carry-on or possibly your zippered jacket pockets to avoid having to redress yourself with the plastic trays after the screening process. Gathering all your belongings at the end takes time too, and this avoids the possibility of leaving important belongings behind in the bins.


  • Prepare your documents (passport, ID, boarding pass) don’t leave them at the bottom of your bag and search when you reach the front of the line
  • Before choosing a lane, scout out who is in what line. If there are a group of backpackers, a family with younger kids or senior citizens may go a little slower than someone who does not have their hands full as much.

Sure, the whole airport experience is a world of its own and takes some getting used to, but we hope this guide smoothens the process.

Have a great trip!