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6 tips for a perfect home office space

perfect home office

A space that’s 100% adapted to your needs

Having the perfect home office is now possible and more accessible than ever. After having spent the past year adapting to the new work-from-home lifestyle, whether you like it or not, it has pretty much become a norm we must become a custom to. But don’t be discouraged by the situation, take advantage by personalizing your space and optimizing it to fit your every need.

When we abruptly started working from home, comfort and convenience were not high on the priority list. But now, it’s time to take the time to really create a perfect home office space that breeds productivity and positivity. Thus, investing in improving your at home work environment is consequently an investment in the quality of your work. There are so many ways to improve your environment like notebooks, paper betrays and organizers  and maybe even some tech gadgets can upgrade your game.

While small essentials are a great way to give your new work life a boost, there are other ways. Here are 6 tips to perfect your perfect home office space:

1- Invest in a quality chair

chair for a perfect home office

Your chair is one of the most important pieces you own. Not having a chair that is adapted to your physicality can have serious repercussions to your posture. Not to mention that comfort is directly related to your ability to stay concentrated and constructive throughout the day. Picking a chair that conforms to your physical needs and keeps you comfortable are therefore the two most important factors to take into consideration when picking the right chair. There are many different features to choose from like leather or wood, standard or wheeled, armrests, headrests, padding, the options are endless; so choose what feels most comfortable for your body.

2- Consider a second screen

second screen to work from home

A second monitor will no doubt help with productivity. If you often have to keep going back and forth between various documents, programs and sites, two screens can definitely make your day move a lot faster. Additionally, having two screens can save a lot of time looking for documents needed to complete the project at hand.

3- Good posture

having an ergonomic posture while working from home

The cause of back and neck pain when seated for many hours throughout the day can be attributed to bad posture. While it may be hard to consciously make efforts to improving the way we sit it, may be helpful to leave your self a little sticky note or set an alarm to check in with yourself. Ensure your shoulders are back and that your neck and back are straight. Your eyes should be level with your computer screen.

4- Personalize your work space

personnalizing a work space

It’s nice to have pieces that help with overall comfort, but it’s also nice to personalize the items you use the most. Remember your first day working in an actual office environment? You must have brought some pictures, plants and other knick knacks that made the space your own. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same thing at home. Surround yourself with the things that bring you joy.

5- Make sure you’re near a window

perfect home office near a window

Natural light has magical effects on human beings. It motivates us, it stimulates us and it can drastically change our mood. The sun causes a chemical reaction on the skin, in the eyes and throughout your entire system that simply makes you feel good. This, in turn, can have wonderful effects on the way you perform. If you don’t have access to natural light, you might want to use LED lights to brighten the room as they are more energy efficient and have a long lifespan.

6- Add some greenery

plants for a perfect home office

Plants are definitely a great add on to your office decor. Not only are they pretty to look at, they tend to bring peace and serenity to any environment. They are a constant reminder to stay connected to the present and to the bigger picture…life itself. No need to flood your space with flowers, one or two will suffice, and don’t forget to set yourself reminders to water them so they (and you) can thrive!  

For an optimally personalized office space:

  • Invest in a quality chair
  • Consider a second screen
  • Be cognizant of your posture (maybe right yourself a reminder)
  • Set yourself up near a window
  • Decorate with plants
  • Stock up on essentials to make your life easier
How have you personalized your workspace? What item(s) have really perfected your home office game? Write in the comments or share on our social media.

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