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Back-to-school tips — 6 healthy lunch and snack ideas your kids will love!

As a parent to a fussy eater, I know just how hard it is to make a healthy meal that won’t end up in the trash can. Through trial and error and lots of tantrums — mine and my daughter’s — I realized that presentation is everything. With the first day of school approaching fast, stay a step ahead by giving these simple (and insanely delicious) recipes a try.


Rainbow sandwiches!

“With this recipe your little one can actually eat a rainbow! It’s super easy and fun for kids to make too. It’s an easy way to encourage your toddlers to eat vegetables. Removing the crusts shows off the rainbow coloured spreads all the way through the sandwich looking fun and attractive.” via Satsuma Designs

Bell pepper pizza

“These hand-held bell pepper pizzas channel the deliciousness of pizza with a healthy twist! Packing way more nutrients than the average bagel bite or pizza roll, they make a perfect appetizer for parties and a great healthy snack or lunch for kids!” via Peas and Crayons


Turkey & Cheese “Sushi” Sandwich

“All you need for these fun sandwich rolls is large tortillas (preferably spinach for the green color), shredded mozzarella cheese, turkey lunch meat, and shredded carrots. You’ll also need a smidgen of cream cheese or mayo to hold them together and ranch dressing for dipping if desired.” via The Weary Chef


Ranch Bacon Mac and Cheese Cups

Is your little one more of a snack-er? Bake a batch of these mac & cheese cups for a full meal on the go. Sneak in thinly cut veggies to make it eve more healthy. via The Weary Chef


Bagels with fun toppings

“We love bagels, they make a nice change from sliced bread for sandwiches and are perfect for lunch boxes, if only because it’s so easy to make them fun by adding eyes!  A lovely toasted bagel makes a great alternative to cereal and is just as quick and easy to throw together on a busy morning.” via Eats Amazing

Bunny-Shaped Quesadilla Wrap

“Pull this rabbit wrap out of your hat for a hoppy and healthy lunchtime treat. For a super cute side, fill a paper cup with hummus and baby carrots (we used parsley sprigs for tops).” via Good Housekeeping