5 things to check before a long-term trip

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At the top of your pre-travel checklist.

Seeing the world’s borders slowly reopen, humanity is breathing a little sigh of relief after giving the planet a much-needed break. And with this reopening comes travel, of course: Tourist activities can now resume, including long-term tourism.

While the lockdown was long for some, it was especially so for the tourism, hospitality and restaurant industries. This said, the number of international flights has increased drastically in recent months, as stated by the CEO of Air Austral in an interview with the (X)périentiel podcast. So it looks like the wheels are beginning to turn once again, which is a huge relief; one shared by the great adventurers of this world, who have been waiting for nothing more than this opportunity to set off on a long-term trip.

Whether it’s for a student exchange, to visit family and friends or simply to discover the world on your own or in duo, the following 5 things to do before leaving will help you get started on making some of the most amazing memories of your life.

Check if your passport is still valid

long term travel passport

You need a passport to travel; that’s no secret. The first thing to check is whether your passport is still valid, since without it, you can’t leave the country. Also, the process of renewing your passport can take a while, and waiting for your passport to be delivered can be frustrating. It’s best to plan ahead to avoid any hassles when going through customs.

Check the country’s conditions of entry and exit


Everyone is still recovering from the pandemic, and governments are constantly adjusting to changes and regularly modifying the conditions of entry and exit at their borders. Be careful: they can change every 24 hours, so it’s important to check before going to the airport to take your flight. This will avoid a lot of hassle and unnecessary stress.

Check if you need a visa

long term travel visa

Depending on the length of your trip, a visa may be required to enter the country. Some countries, such as France, allow up to three months of travel without a visa. Depending on the country of origin and the host country, certain agreements have been reached to allow their nationals to visit the desired territory for an extended period.

Check your insurance

long term travel insurance health

Finding insurance to travel with peace of mind is not the most exciting task, but it’s a very important one. Your health is a priority because without it, you can’t travel, and the ultimate purpose of all your planning goes up in smoke. Make sure that the insurance you take out provides broad coverage and that insurance agents can be reached at all times for your long-term trip.

Check if your driver’s licence is valid abroad

long term trip road trip

It can be very convenient to drive in the destination country when needed. Checking that your driver’s licence is valid in that country is sometimes as simple as obtaining an international certificate. You’ll be able to travel the most wonderful roads and explore them lawfully.

To recap, the five points above are some of the most important ones to do when preparing for a long-term trip. Once completed, the fun can begin! Make sure you also have all the necessary luggage, bags and accessories for your travels . . . reliable equipment is a must for carrying around your belongings with confidence.

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