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4 home office decor ideas

home office decor

Liven up your home workspace.

Having adapted to an abruptly imposed work-at-home lifestyle, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your makeshift office space. You’ve set up your technology and equipment; now you just need to infuse it with some warmth and personality.

The first thing to determine is just what kind of home office decor you like, particularly in terms of a workspace. Now that you’re no longer at the office, you have much more say in this department! As the only one using this space, you also have complete carte blanche. Make the most of it to create an environment that befits your personal style.

There’s no lack of options when it comes to enhancing the look and feel of your space. Need some inspiration? Here are four home office decor ideas:

1- Paint the walls

1-	Paint the walls

A fresh coat of paint is a great first step toward making a space your own. Since you spend most of your professional time in this room, it’s important you feel comfortable in it. Choose a light or vibrant colour that will brighten up your busiest days. As well as breathing new life into your space, it can re-energize you and give you added inspiration.

2- Decorate with greenery

home office decor

Plants have the power to bring any space to life. Since you spend long hours at your desk, greenery can help you feel connected to nature and the outside world. No need to turn your office into a jungle—even just one will do the job. When choosing plants, make sure they’re suitable for your environment, based on the amount of natural light they need. An expert can help you pick the right plants to brighten up your space for years to come.

3- Get matching accessories


Complementing your office technology with matching accessories is a sure-fire way to add some visual appeal. The new Blackbook desk accessory collection goes perfectly with any decor. From desktop organizers and letter trays to desk mats and wastebaskets, choose a common theme to create a setting that suits your tastes. Neutrals or more vibrant colours can add a sophisticated touch, taking your space to the next level.

4- Dress the walls

home office decor

Picture frames, shelves, mirrors and memo boards are just a few ways to add decorative accents. Time to get creative! A mirror can make a room feel bigger and you, less confined. A memo board is a fun and practical way to display notes, calendars, photos and any other personal or job-related items. Artwork is wonderful for adding that much-needed personal touch: a large framed painting or print or a cluster of small ones can make all the difference. Whatever you decide, consider items that are vibrantly coloured or in complementary hues. Last of all, shelves are attractive and add interest, particularly when filled with objects you love.

As you can see, the possibilities for upgrading your home workspace are endless. Let your imagination go! Plants, paint, artworks, a memo board: however you choose to make it your own, a lively workspace is a productive one.

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