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3 tips to avoid theft by pickpockets while traveling

How to avoid pickpockets while travelling

Pickpockets are everywhere!

When you’re traveling, the safety of your personal effects is top priority. Pickpockets can get you at any time, and anywhere without you even noticing. Whether you are carrying around your bank cards, passport, or any other personal items, you want to be sure that everything is tucked away safely. Pickpockets are professionals that seek out tourists and other vulnerable looking citizens so it is important to arm yourself against them.

Although their name suggests they only go after your pockets, these thieves access everything from backpacks to handbags and even your suitcase. Ensure your stuff is safe with these 3 little travel tricks:

TSA lock: how to use it against pickpockets

Integrated TSA Lock against pickpockets

Whether they are integrated into your luggage, or an external purchase, a TSA approved lock is an easy way to keep the contents of your luggage away from prying hands. If your lock is integrated don’t forget to set the code, and if you need to change the combination at any time you can always refer to our blog post for easy step by step instructions or watch a quick animated how-to video.

You can buy external locks individually and even use them on your backpack as well. They are sold with either a combination code or key lock. If you are the type to lose keys, go for the combination lock and if you are the type to always forget codes, a key lock option is probably better suited for you.

A belt bag: how to wear it safely

belt bag against pickpockets while travelling

While these are an essential part of any sightseeing trip, the belt bag is often forgotten about. These bags can be worn discreetly under your clothing and allow you to keep your important documents or cards close to you and within arms reach; while making it virtually and physically impossible for a thief to get to.

Anti-theft bags: the ultimate weapon against pickpockets

The Tracker brand makes an extensive anti-theft collection to keep your belongings safe when traveling or commuting. Their pieces have multiple features designed to give you peace of mind:

Here are the features you can find in these bags:

  • Anti- slash straps: a robber won’t be able to cut through the strap of the bag to take it from you.
  • Wire panels: A thief won’t be able to pierce your bag to empty its contents.
  • Shoulder straps and zipper locks: thieves will not be able to enter your bag through the zipper or by unfastening the shoulder strap.
  • RFID protection: find out more about this contactless type of theft on our blog.

Now you will be properly armed for your next trip and have peace of mind knowing your belongings are well protected with a lock, tucked safely in your belt bag or in a Tracker anti-theft bag. Safe & happy travels!

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