3 sustainable travel habits we can all adopt

Simple actions can make a big difference.

Multiple studies have shown that global warming is unquestionably occurring and that its primary driver is human activities. It’s not too late to act—not quite—but we’ve got to start right now and work together. It’s in everyone’s interest to make certain lifestyle changes, even when travelling.

You can make a difference yourself by adopting a few simple sustainable travel habits, which don’t need to affect the quality of your experience. Besides reducing your own environmental impact, you’ll be supporting the local economy and culture of the country you’re visiting.

These three habits can be easily applied wherever your travels take you. You’ll also feel good about doing your part to safeguard the planet for the enjoyment of future generations.

1. Use public transit

sustainable tourism habits

Getting around at your final destination is an integral part of any trip. It needs planning, taking into consideration cost, efficiency, distance, value and more.

Most major cities worldwide have good public transit services that will get you around at a reasonable cost. Any method is better than renting a car: bus, tramway, train, bike or even car-sharing services.

Tourism is one of the largest producers of CO2 emissions, and that’s due to transportation, among other things. Using public transit will also give you a chance to blend in with the locals and experience their way of life. Now that’s a great way to travel!

2. Bring a reusable water bottle

sustainable tourism habits

This is an easy habit to get into since clean drinking water (from a tap) is easily accessible in most developed areas of the world. A water bottle can be hooked onto a backpack or suitcase to maximize space, making it a highly practical travel companion. 

If clean drinking water isn’t available at your destination, and purchasing plastic water bottles is unavoidable, make sure you recycle the bottle properly when you’re done.

3. Buy local products

sustainable tourism habits

In addition to supporting local businesses financially, you’re consuming products that were farmed/produced nearby, which means they didn’t travel from afar. It’s astounding the distance that fruit can travel, even if it’s a type that’s grown in that area.

Whether it’s food, clothing, cosmetics, souvenirs, etc., make a point of buying local so you’re supporting small businesses and contributing to your host country’s economy.

These three simple behaviours are examples of just how easy it is to adopt sustainable travel habits that will be good for the local environment, community and economy. Start now and help give future generations the chance to travel the world for years to come.

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