Back-to-school tips – Top 5 apps to help you hit the ground running this school year

As you shop for back-to-school gear and supplies, you should also shop for some useful apps that will help you stay organized, broaden your knowledge or study for that important exam.


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One of the most challenging parts of math is isolating “x” in that long algebra equation! You use up several pages and just when you think you have it, the equation doesn’t add up. Cue Photomath – your best math pal you can turn to for help… Without having to distract a classmate! And no, it does not help you cheat. It provides a step-by-step guide showing you how each problem is solved so you can use it for future equations.


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We shift from math to grammar – equally as meticulous. University degrees involve a whole lot of essay writing, which trains us to have that attention to detail needed in many workplaces. GradeProof is an all-in-one grammar App that offers many ways to fine tune that important essay you need to ace and impress the prof. It will not correct for you, but it will provide concise suggestions on spelling & grammar, sentence rephrasing, plagiarism checking and more. The App is free but for full capability, the $10-per-month Premium fee is worth it.


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Ever finish that multi-page essay you’ve been working on for hours after several coffees to keep you awake and thinking of new ideas, only to realize you need to spend even more time adding a bibliography at the end of the piece? While Word processing tools help you format them, you still need an App like EasyBib that allows you to add citations on the go. After your essay is complete, the App automatically creates and exports your references instantly and according to thousands of styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.

My Study Life

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Another crucial part of higher education is scheduling and managing deadlines. Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay on top of your schedule and all the deadlines from your classes. My Study Life is a scheduling App that helps you stay organized by acting as a day planner and a timetable (by academic year). It will notify you of upcoming deadlines on your mobile device as you set them in the calendar and it will also store your data on the cloud so it will be accessible everywhere.


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Let’s face it. Many courses, whether it’s college, university or even high school, base themselves on memorizing formulas, dates, concepts and more. StudyBlue is a study-buddy app that allows you to create a wide range of flashcards, study notes and quizzes. You can make it accessible to people from all around the world and also choose from many user-created tools for all sorts of courses and subjects.

Honorable mentions

EdX / iTunes U

If you’re looking to take online courses with little to no cost, apps like EdX or iTunes U provide a wide digital catalog of educational content. These apps allow anyone with a smartphone to enroll to online courses accredited by universities and educational institutions from all around the world. You can tune into lectures, take quizzes or complete assignments at your own pace.

Last but not least, don’t forget the cloud storage programs like DropBox or EverNote to save all sorts of documents, notes and reminders, allowing you to sync them across multiple devices.

Et voilà! You’re ready for success.